Si sa che l'alchimia è fondata sulle metamorfosi fisiche operate dallo spirito, denominazione data al dinamismo universale emanato dalla divinità, che mantiene la vita e il movimento, o ne provoca l'arresto e la morte, fa evolvere la sostanza e si conferma come il solo animatore di tutto ciò che esiste.

Fulcanelli, le Dimore Filosofiale, vol II

The rite of fire

The mystery of creation renovates thanks to knowledge handed over through generations.Fire, ancient passion and spirit, all blend to form a delicate alchemy of gestures and elements accompanying the certain and yet inexplicable rite leading to the thinnest, lighter and most precious substance.Fire, the very symbol of the De Mezzo family.Fire sublimates from marc the water of life, it is used to work, but mostly it is the fire inside of us, which feeds impetuousness, the will of doing, warmth and emphasis in human relationships.
All this determined the name of the ancient family De Mezzo: Thunderstorm

Once upon a time there was the alembic …
This is how we could start off a short handling of technologies and tools that were improved little by little in the production of grappa. In this field Italian technology has managed to achieve remarkable goals. Starting from the simplest distillation tool, namely the alembic, formed by a source of heat, a boiler, a top, a manifold or swan neck and a cooler, evolution has never come to a halt. The simplest alembic is the direct fire alembic with submerged marc.
This alembic is difficult to manage, quick in distilling, but the product thereof obtained must be re-distilled.
The direct fire alembic with submerged marc and dephlegmator is more sophisticated.
Along with the alembic endowed of a particular dephlegmator, the Ergot sphere represents a good tool capable of obtaining grappe of 50/60° and consequently only one distillation is necessary.
If the marcs are healthy, this type of distiller ensures excellent results.
There is also a bain-marie distiller in which heat is provided by a direct source and is transmitted to the marc through a hollow space in which the liquid is contained (water or oil).
This device is very interesting because it prevents overheating of the marc, responsible for the formation of a substance called furan and of other substances having bad taste or aroma.

I quattro Grandi Elementi hanno la loro natura proprio come un bambino ha una madre; il fuoco riscalda, l'aria si muove, l'acqua bagna, la terra è solida.
Shitou Xiquian